About Us and This Website: What Only We Can Tell You

Writers Working

What would you do if you found yourself in the situation when you knew that your paper was great, but your professor said that it just did not meet the writing standards? Would you try to learn all those standards by heart in order to make your next paper flawless? Or, maybe, you would put up with the fact that writing essays is definitely not your cup of tea and give up any efforts to make out what the actual problem about those standards was?

When my current colleagues and I faced the above-mentioned challenge at our colleges, we chose the first way. However, we did not see any benefit in memorizing boring rules. The essays were good, the conscientious work had been done. So, there had to be something that could clarify what was still wrong about the texts and what was so special about those academic standards which they failed to meet. Our aim was to find it all out.

The Work Is Started

At the beginning, we decided to make out how different essays and other papers must be written. Of course, the main source of information for us was the Internet. I must admit that some articles about academic writing were really difficult to understand. You probably know what I mean. However, we also came across very interesting blogs and other helpful resources which explained us a lot of different things in plain human language.

Actually, such blogs inspired us to come up with our own idea of the website which would be dedicated to the complicated and confusing issues of writing. We could not do anything about our style, we did not manage to make it meet the requirements our professors told us about so many times. So, we considered that if it was not appropriate for the college, then it could work well for our own project.

We Go On

This website is not our first undertaking. We launched a few projects several years ago, and in essence, this very website is built on our previous experience, both positive and negative. As any normal human beings, we must say that at that time we had more ideas and plans than means to fulfill them. However, the most important thing about it all is that we knew for sure what we had, what we expected and what we needed.

Nowadays, we can see that we have created a good and smart online resource which will be constantly upgraded with new and useful information. Our team have grown bigger and stronger, and both our victories and small failures have made us who we are today – experienced professionals who really like what they think up and then try to bring into life.

We have decided to write about things and give advice that would stand students and just every visitor of out website in a good stead. And we will be truly happy if you find what you need here. We want to share our knowledge and experience, help you learn more about different facts and events, and just become good friends with all our readers.

Our Great Expectations

As we stick to the idea of free and limitless information exchange, we want to proceed with the work on our project basing on the latest tendencies in web-writing, blogging and users’ requests. We welcome you on the website and hope that it will become one of your favorite Internet sources!

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