Oh, there is a bird on the tree. I wonder how came that they never fail to find their way back home after flying away for winter? Have they ever seen snow? Do penguins’ feet get cold after standing all day long on ice? Which icy cocktail should I get now? Does the word “cocktail” really comes from “a tale of a cock”? I should definitely Google it. One more time, what I was doing? Right! I was writing an article for you. Guess what? It`s about procrastination. It`s the condition when your brain is willing to think about anything, but something useful and necessaryRead More →

Red Carpet

Do you know that running gag from “The Big Bang Theory”? No, not the one that everything was created with a huge blast of hot dense material. Or if you believe in all-mighty power, it`s okay as well. Hello, Bible! I`m talking about constant sarcastic mocking of Howard by Sheldon. What? What do you mean you have no idea what I`m talking about? It`s a cultural phenomenon by the way! All right, I will give you the gist so you will not fall out from the conversation we have. All characters in this TV-show are the doctors. Not the “you-have-flu-go-home” kind, but the science guys.Read More →

Boy and Girl

Run! Run as fast as you can and hide in the safest place possible! They are coming! Block all the doors and all the windows! They are going to destroy your right perception of the world and change you forever. They are coming! They are… stereotypes! We are surrounded by them. However, modern society is trying to distance itself from all kinds of misconceptions. It is a good sign. Let`s take a look at literature or movies. Female character stereotypes are flourishing there. We will have a sneak peek at them and decide what is the best choice for your story: female or male leadingRead More →

Lost Person with a Map

You are young, full of energy, have everything figured out, all your plans for future are sorted out and you`re in your mid-twenties? What? Not really? How come? By this time, you thought you would become a successful artist, have a start-up or at least stop being a bone loafer? Look! Look at all those mature people getting engaged, planning for the future, acting like adults! They are the same age as you are, but your biggest accomplishment for a day is keeping your goldfish alive after feeding it with the leftovers of your breakfast. Don`t you dare thinking we are here to insult youRead More →

Fluffy Nail Art

Fluffy nails… Remember Instagram went into a total frenzy over those? Or, if you are a guy, do drop-crotch pants ring a bell? Terrible fashion trends can be seen all over the planet. Sometimes when you walk down the street minding your own business you see someone wearing inexplicably ridiculous outfit. Then it turns out to be an haute-couture ensemble, which costs like your liver, both kidneys and a heart put together. Fashion is a phenomenon. It is a business industry, which has elusive rules and a tricky principle. Who wins here and who loses can be defined by the response of the audience andRead More →

Patients in Wand

From our last post, you know that nurses often encounter certain work risks and challenges even if their job seems to be easy. Sometimes they even suffer from different illnesses as a result of their hard work. These difficulties may be really harmful to their health. However, not only these points are controversial and make students think well before entering a medical school. Unfortunately, there are many ethical problems which occur almost every day. Nurses have to overcome them, as not only their own and their patients’ health depends on it. This is a huge responsibility, and not everyone is ready to deal with typicalRead More →

Nurses Helping Patients

It is true that nursing is not as safe and easy as many of us may think. Very often, people who work in this sphere face many challenges and risks. Only the most experienced and strongest of them can cope with these issues easily. In the modern world, when many different infections are spread, being a hospital worker may be even dangerous for health although the majority of the staff try to protect themselves from the harmful impact. As we have already explained, working in the medical sphere for a long time may result in some chronic diseases and disorder. Nevertheless, it is essential toRead More →

Hospital Staff

Like many other professions, nursing may have some pitfalls and challenges which affect person’s health, both physical and mental. Statistics proves that medical workers are vulnerable to many diseases which appear as a result of their lifestyle and workload. Even such things as a schedule of shifts may influence their condition. Unfortunately, many of nurses have to deal with chronic and grave illnesses after ending their professional career. Although these people work in the sphere of healthcare, they often cannot protect themselves, and sacrifice their health and well-being while helping others. We have selected the most typical and widespread illnesses which nurses face. You canRead More →

Person Is Sick

As modern medicine faces thousands of issues, many people, involved in this sphere, complain that they have low salaries but have to cope with long working hours. It is not a myth that nurses have to work overtime. Sometimes they are not even paid for it. Probably, the most significant thing which stops many teenagers from entering medical schools is a prospect to spend all their time on work and take no breaks while tackling complicated cases and helping patients. Of course, not everyone would agree with it. It is the common stereotype that nurses have to forget about private life because of too heavyRead More →

Person Counting Money

Undoubtedly, every healthcare system depends on the quality of nursing. It is impossible to provide good service for patients in case staff in hospital fulfills their duties ineffectively. If any unexpected problem or mistake in the work process occurs, as a rule these people are blamed. However, people who are not specialists in medicine rarely understand and take into account the challenges which an ordinary medical worker faces. Tons of such issues exist, and they sometimes have a global character, which means that these problems are widespread in the whole world, and dozens of countries have to fight against them. In most cases, things whichRead More →