It is so hot and spicy and it`s just waiting for you. A steak, of course. What have you thought about? Now all the vegetarians will go: “Nah, not for me, bro”. I can`t say that there is a battle between vegetarians and meat lovers, but there is certainly a major misunderstanding. There is no accounting for tastes. We are going to let science decide what type of nutrition is really better and more natural for a human being. So, put your swords down and take the forks instead. It is absolutely alright that our society is so divided by all those views and opinions.Read More →

The other day I was just searching the net thinking what can I tell you to sweep you off your feet. Then “Boom”! I came across very interesting scientific research conducted by sociologists and behaviorists about parents and children. No, it wasn`t something like: “The problems of generations” or “How to raise a genius”. I wish my mom had read the second article when she still had a chance, because I turned out to be, well, me. The research was about living arrangements of parents and children or for how long offspring can live with their parents. Being in their 20-ies? 30-ies? Wow, 40-ies? TurnedRead More →

This is either madness or brilliance. It`s remarkable how those two traits coincide. When people want to state something important, they usually quote Greek philosophers or artists of the Renaissance era. You always set the mood this way. Your readers are definitely going to know that you are dead serious about some topic and they tune themselves into getting really deep. What do I do? I quote Disney! Captain Jack Sparrow, to be precise. Yes, you should have paid way more attention to the citation above. I`ve found out that it was actually Johnny Depp himself who came up with that phrase. Don`t you dareRead More →

We are ungrateful sons of biscuits. Yes, all of us. Some are obviously daughters, but whatever. You may be wondering why you are dedicating some of your precious time to read this article but all I do is insulting you. Firstly, it wasn’t even that offensive. Secondly, you should be thankful, because I`m trying to open your eyes here. We don’t realize that things which we consider to be our simple daily routine can be strictly forbidden in some other country. We never think that we are practically blessed with an opportunity to say our thoughts out loud and in a free manner. You wakeRead More →

Let me be Moriarty here for a second. “Did you miss me?” Between part 1 and 2 of this article, you might have already experienced certain types of relationships we have named before. Here you go with the following list. It may help you to figure out what will be going on during your next years at university or it may make things even more complicated. So, what`s the point then? You have got to know that the situations we are going to talk about are absolutely common. It`s not that our purpose is to make you feel average but to make you feel notRead More →

According to a study, young people experience their first serious relationship being 18 and 21 years old, and it is the same time they go through the first soul-destroying break-up. You may say, “Wait, so that time when a boy got me a fluffy teddy bear in the 6th grade cannot be considered a serious relationship? But it had a pink bow on it!” Well, no, that doesn`t really count. Psychology cannot define what serious relationship between partners may actually mean. For example, I was married when I was at the kindergarten at the age of five. Turned out, my at-that-time husband had four otherRead More →

When they appear on the screen, they are usually followed by intimidating music. That “Ta-da-da-dam” which makes your blood run cold. This is the right moment you realize that something bad is about to happen, that camera is going to change its angle abruptly and some scary face will show up. Even though you know this is going to happen, you still shudder, don`t you? Relax, we are here in this situation for you. When you read about them in books, you still make that “Ta-da-da-dam” sound effect in your head. Because a villain always has to make some fuss when he (or she) isRead More →

Oh my God! What was that? Lord Voldemort was chasing me trying to take away all my gummy bears. Thank goodness! It was a dream, it was just a dream. Hold on, what might it mean? What if it`s some kind of the sign and I am supposed to be fully prepared? There is this villain in every Harry Potter book, but there is none in the dream book. Ok, Google… You`d think that superstitions are simply non-existent in the 21st century. However, a lot of people can`t help but follow certain rules suggested by supernatural powers. If you think that by doing that SamRead More →

Oh, there is a bird on the tree. I wonder how came that they never fail to find their way back home after flying away for winter? Have they ever seen snow? Do penguins’ feet get cold after standing all day long on ice? Which icy cocktail should I get now? Does the word “cocktail” really comes from “a tale of a cock”? I should definitely Google it. One more time, what I was doing? Right! I was writing an article for you. Guess what? It`s about procrastination. It`s the condition when your brain is willing to think about anything, but something useful and necessaryRead More →

Do you know that running gag from “The Big Bang Theory”? No, not the one that everything was created with a huge blast of hot dense material. Or if you believe in all-mighty power, it`s okay as well. Hello, Bible! I`m talking about constant sarcastic mocking of Howard by Sheldon. What? What do you mean you have no idea what I`m talking about? It`s a cultural phenomenon by the way! All right, I will give you the gist so you will not fall out from the conversation we have. All characters in this TV-show are the doctors. Not the “you-have-flu-go-home” kind, but the science guys.Read More →