A Crazy Genius or a Genial Lunatic?

A Crazy Genius or a Genial Lunatic?

Albert Einstein with Tongue

  • This is either madness or brilliance.
  • It`s remarkable how those two traits coincide.

When people want to state something important, they usually quote Greek philosophers or artists of the Renaissance era. You always set the mood this way. Your readers are definitely going to know that you are dead serious about some topic and they tune themselves into getting really deep.

What do I do? I quote Disney! Captain Jack Sparrow, to be precise. Yes, you should have paid way more attention to the citation above. I`ve found out that it was actually Johnny Depp himself who came up with that phrase. Don`t you dare to ask me how come I know this. Just a big fan. Maybe too big at some point. Moving on.

We definitely heard the statement that being crazy and being a genius are the two concepts that are walking holding hands. Does it have any scientific evidence though?

A Historical Path of Going Cuckoo

Van Gogh`s Self-Portrait

Who doesn`t know about Van Goth`s ear? You don`t know? Or maybe you don`t know? Come on, guys, it`s probably the only thing we remember from the art classes at school. We remember this and that fact that Leonardo da Vinci had been painting Mona Lisa`s lips for 12 years. Watching some make-up tutorials on YouTube, I can actually understand why it can take ages to get that perfect lip line.

An infamous accident with a great Dutch artist is one of the best-known impulses of madness in the world of geniuses. Do you want to know more about extremely talented people who went bananas because of their obsessions or insecurities? Of course, you do! It`s fun learning more about crazy people! (You were actually supposed to read that in a sarcastic tone. Just in case you missed that point.)

Edgar Allan Poe was supposedly suffering from a bipolar disorder. That`s how Doctor House would have called it. Or manic depression as all normal people would. The American writer was highly interested in psychology. If you have ever read his novels, you have probably noticed that. If you haven`t, then read! It`s right there on the pages. A huge deal of his literary creations are considered dark, but all in all ingenious.

Ernest Hemingway was a really broken lad from within. As a huge fan of his work (I`m sure as many of you are out there), I`m just going to let slide that fact that he was a high-functioning alcoholic with severe paranoia. He got a Nobel Prize in literature; however, he did not consider his life to be a victory in any kind of nomination. The only solution that crossed his mind was a suicide.

I ended the previous passage on a rather sad note, so I should compensate for that. Well, I`ve just figured out I can`t quite doing that because we are talking about madness here, so a little more information about crazy geniuses.

Isaac Newton… It`s like I still remember that portrait on the wall of the physics classroom in my school. Yeah, the one I dropped on the floor when we were forced to clean the laboratory after the unsuccessful scientific experiment. Let`s just call it “We-didn`t-know-it-was-flammable-we`re-so-sorry”. What we were never told at school though is that Isaac Newton was insane. People who were close to the physicist claimed that his mood swung like a whirligig. A lot of researchers state that an English scientist was, in fact, a schizophrenic.

Are All Geniuses Insane and Are All the Insane Geniuses?

Psychiatry is one of the most mysterious fields of medicine. It has dark secrets and unknown patterns because its main subject of study is the human brain. Can you imagine how messed up it can be? Have you ever questioned your sanity? Please, answer yes, because I don`t want to be the only wackadoodle here.

You feel like you may go crazy when you have been under constant pressure for a long time or you undergo some horrific events in your life. It`s normal, but, unfortunately (or fortunately, I`ll leave this one for you to choose), going nuts will not make you a genius.

First and foremost, let`s find out who can be considered to be a genius. It`s simple to define such person in an intellectual field because geniuses are those who have an IQ of 140 and more. What about an artistic sphere? You see, as a Facebook status of any teenage girl says, “It`s complicated”. A lot of amazingly talented painters, writers, and composers were not recognized by society up till the next generation would come and claim them to be extraordinary.

Like Your Eyebrows, We Are All Different

 Salvador Dali

Psychologists suggest that the pattern of thinking of people who are considered to be geniuses in the modern era is rather different. No, don`t think less of yourself. Maybe, it`s a good thing you are not a genius (but if you are and you are reading this article, give me a high five, because this is just awesome). Being extremely superior in the certain field comes with a great burden.

In a lot of cases geniuses are way ahead of their time, so nobody in their era can really understand them or appreciate their work. This leads to massive anxiety issues, sociophobia, and depression. Can you believe that one of the biggest inventors of the 20th century Nicola Tesla died being absolutely broke? Little did he know that Elon Musk would make billions using his name. What a pun!

Turns out the world of physics is almost as intense as show business with all its Instagram followers, rallies, and music chart races. Nicola Tesla failed to patent a lot of his inventions, which could make him rich, because of numerous rivals he had in that industry.

Meeting the requirements of society in matters like how to behave, what to say, what to wear is a real struggle for a person who is superior in art, literature, or science. They are often considered to be weird, freaky, loony, or simply mad. Salvador Dali used to walk his ant-eater in the streets of Paris. Wow, this is eccentric, to say the least! But people like him make the world a much more interesting and colorful place.

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