Fashion Madness: Science Explains Why

Fashion Madness: Science Explains Why

Fluffy Nail Art

Fluffy nails… Remember Instagram went into a total frenzy over those? Or, if you are a guy, do drop-crotch pants ring a bell? Terrible fashion trends can be seen all over the planet. Sometimes when you walk down the street minding your own business you see someone wearing inexplicably ridiculous outfit. Then it turns out to be an haute-couture ensemble, which costs like your liver, both kidneys and a heart put together.

Fashion is a phenomenon. It is a business industry, which has elusive rules and a tricky principle. Who wins here and who loses can be defined by the response of the audience and there is no time for second guesses.

By the means of clothes, we let the world know who we are. We represent our character, social status and emotional state with the help of meticulously chosen outfits. Did you know that women spend on average 15 minutes each day to figure out what to wear? It`s years if we count lifetime.

We all know that only what is inside truly matters when it comes to communication and fostering close bonds with people. Yes, we all know it, yet we still are judging people by their looks every time and everywhere. “Never judge a book by its cover” or “Good clothes open all doors”. What are the priorities in modern society and why does fashion matter so much nowadays?

Let`s look through high-waist jeans, cropped tops and sparkly slip-ons from a scientific point of view, shall we? It seems to us that we all are individuals, we all are different. Various tastes, upbringing, a circle of friends. Unfortunately, it`s just an illusion. We live in a world where the only small group of people is really trying to be different.

The Flintstones

Humans are social animals. Yes, you heard me right or read me right in this case. We breathe, eat, grow and reproduce our own kind in a way most mammals do. Of course, besides that, we have feelings, emotions and much higher intellectual capacities. But at the end of the day, we still remain animals. Here is why.

It`s almost impossible for a human being to live without society. We are surrounded by people since our birth whether we like it or not. People are everywhere and that`s because one human cannot survive alone. If we look through the history, we will find the roots of humans` behavior and get the answer to this question.

Cavemen gathered into groups simply in order to survive. If a primitive man would want to take a walk back then in the Paleolithic era just to put his thoughts together, to figure out what he wants for a dinner (ok, this one is clearly over the top, they could only hope for a mammoth to be slow enough so they could kill him). So, here is our little primitive man walking in a good mood and suddenly a wild animal attacks him, or an enemy tribe member decides to end his life, or he eats a poisonous berry because he has no idea they are bad for him.

See, this would never have happened if he hadn`t been by himself. His mates could have said to him: “Hey, bro, don`t eat those berries, they suck!” Yes, this is exactly what they would have said to him. Anyway, people in first stages of their development and evolution came to a conclusion that it`s better to stick together no matter what. Say that to all the horror movies characters that need to split up in order to save themselves from a maniac with a chainsaw. They could really use this advice.

So, we were together: hunting, working, upbringing kids. At that time, nobody really wanted to stand out of the crowd. You had to be just like anybody else. If you are not like others, you don`t fit in. If you don`t fit in, you are an outsider. If you are an outsider, you are going to die, because there will be no one where to save you.

It was going on and on. Don`t you see that this is exactly where this tradition came from? To our modern world! Just like cave men, we are often scared to be different, not to be like others, not to fit the mold. We need the society to like us. That`s how we find our inner peace.

What does fashion have to do with all of this? It`s simple. This industry uses our insecurities in order to get money. It is a pretty smart trick played with our minds. If there is a certain trend out there in the streets and everybody is following it, don`t you feel just a bit uncomfortable that everybody has something you don`t have yet?

White Sneakers

Marketing tools and out primal needs – here is a great combination for fashion designers to trick our minds. Do you remember “the white sneakers” obsession? I literally saw 2/3 of girls I know wearing those. They looked like the weirdest family of twins out there. All wearing the same frigging white sneakers. So, that`s how much we want to fit the box?

Socialization is in our DNA. We can`t run from it. Even if you consider yourself to be the harshest introvert ever, you still need people. It`s been proven by neuroscientists and psychologists that people tend to make a first impression just basing on clothes and facial expression of another human being. So, if you are dressed in stylish slap-up manner, chances are you will nail the job interview or present your idea to colleagues in a much more productive way.

As follows, fashion helps us to blend in into society. We need to have something what others have simply because it`s a trend and without certain fashion item we would feel left out. Can we fight this tendency? Or do we even want to fight this tendency?


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