When the Battle Between Meat Lovers & Vegetarians Begins

When the Battle Between Meat Lovers & Vegetarians Begins

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It is so hot and spicy and it`s just waiting for you. A steak, of course. What have you thought about? Now all the vegetarians will go: “Nah, not for me, bro”. I can`t say that there is a battle between vegetarians and meat lovers, but there is certainly a major misunderstanding. There is no accounting for tastes. We are going to let science decide what type of nutrition is really better and more natural for a human being. So, put your swords down and take the forks instead.

It is absolutely alright that our society is so divided by all those views and opinions. This is exactly what makes us humans. As soon as we are not trying to dig out our standpoints from a calm corner of our souls and flash them right into the face of other people.

As far as vegetarians are not trying to accuse meat lovers of a murder of living creatures and as far as steak eaters are calm about the physical weakness of rabbit-food eaters, we are good. Did ‘rabbit-food eaters’ sound mean? I do think it sounded mean. You might have guessed that I`m not particularly a vegetarian. What is more, I`m thinking about eating a good old roast as soon as I finish this article. But I cross my heart and hope to die, I`m going to be as impartial as possible. Let the scientific contest begin.

The Main Misconceptions

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The questions all vegetarians are tired of hearing is “Where do you get your protein?” or even worse “Aren`t you feel tired all the time because of lack of nutrients?” Well, the answer is “no” and “no”. It is wrong to assume that all the elements we need to live are stored only in meat. I must admit, it`s not easy, yet possible to provide your body with the necessary amount of proteins with the help of beans, soy, nuts, and all the yummy stuff.

Another misconception is the topic of practically all songs of rappers – the money. It is thought that being a vegetarian may save you at least couple hundreds of dollars. Or euros. Or pounds. Now I need to make that annoying piercing sound which you can hear in TV-shows when you get the wrong answer: “You can save the money being a veggie”. Bz-z-z-z. Wrong. You can`t.

When you go to a restaurant and look through a menu, you clearly see that meat dishes are more expensive compared to vegetarian food. But this is true only for catering establishments. In daily life, it turns out to be a bummer. Depending on which country you live in, the prices on meat and vegetarian food may vary a lot. Don`t forget that to be a fully functioning human being, you need to get the proteins from alternative sources. Certain kinds of beans and nuts can be extremely expensive. So, don`t fool yourself.

The last misconception, but certainly not the least, is that eating meat can cause heart problems. Vegetarians (some of them, let`s be polite and not generalize humans) keep telling steak lovers that the herbivorous tend to live significantly longer. This has never been proved by science. Numerous studies were conducted all over the world and no relation between life expectancy and these particular types of diets (with or without meat) was found.

Where Is the Tumbler Switch?

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Why are there vegetarians in this world? A lot of people would think that people switch to that because of certain moral beliefs. They are animal rights protectors and feel like it is inhumane to kill and eat living beings. However, according to a social survey, humanistic considerations are only the third reason why people become veggies.

The top one reason is rather selfish, to be honest. People just want to be healthier. A lot of those who said “no” to meat reported on improvement of their health. While nutritionists don`t deny that this is possible, they say that natural meat is healthy food as well.

It`s all about the quality of meat. The animal flesh itself does no harm to our organism. However, it is more and more difficult in the 21st century to find at least a small tasty naturally grown steak. If you have a farm or you are just sure in high quality of chicken you consume, welcome aboard on the ship of meat lovers.

The second most spread reason is religious beliefs. People of certain faith can be either partly or fully vegetarians. Indians are not allowed to eat beef whereas cows are the sacred animals in their culture. Pork is a big no-no for Muslims because they consider pigs to be dirty animals.

Evolution, We Did It!

If you think globally, were humans initially meant to be carnivorous or herbivorous creatures? In case you believe in the Darwinian theory, you should know that according to evolution, people descended from apes. Do monkeys eat meat?

Orangutans and gorillas don`t, but the chimps would enjoy a piece of flash once in a while. Now I need your full concentration. Make your biology teacher proud. Which apes species are the closest to humans? Bingo! The chimps. So, does it mean that humans are supposed to eat meat? Kind of.

It was hard for primitive people to consume only fruit, vegetables and cereal crops. It wasn`t enough for their active lifestyle. Besides, chewing meat was easier for jaws and it gave a fast and prolonged feeling of saturation. So people started eating less veggies and more meat.

Only 4% of the population consider themselves to be vegetarians in North America. There are 3% of Europeans who don`t eat meat. Up to 40% of Indians would never eat any animal. These are very vague numbers. Do we include vegans here or valley girls who are vegetarians only on Mondays and Saturdays? Scientists say it is possible for humanity to go meat-free. There will be no meat in future colonies on Mars. This is scary!

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