A Built-in Movie Theater: Meaning of Dreams

A Built-in Movie Theater: Meaning of Dreams

Movie Theater

Oh my God! What was that? Lord Voldemort was chasing me trying to take away all my gummy bears. Thank goodness! It was a dream, it was just a dream. Hold on, what might it mean? What if it`s some kind of the sign and I am supposed to be fully prepared? There is this villain in every Harry Potter book, but there is none in the dream book. Ok, Google…

You`d think that superstitions are simply non-existent in the 21st century. However, a lot of people can`t help but follow certain rules suggested by supernatural powers. If you think that by doing that Sam and Dean Winchesters will magically appear at your doorstep, then no. I`ve tried it and it did not work out. So, can dreams really mean something? Well, yes and no. You are asking some really tricky questions!

Tuck Your Brain In

All the magic during your sleep happens in the brain. Stop! Let`s set some basic rules here. We are going to look at the process of dreaming from a scientific point of view. Therefore, according to strict physics and biology, there is no evidence that bird pooping on you in your dream will lead to the wealth. Please note that if you believe in supernatural stuff. There will be none in this article. Remember, no judging, just a warning.

Here we go. Our brain never sleeps. We may be lazy-bones, but our intellectual machine is absolutely restless and operose. What a workaholic! The moment you say bye-bye to reality, the brain starts processing all the information it has received during this day.

All the memories, all the people you meet and even all the adverts you read on billboards. Turns out, our brain remembers all of that useless information. However, unlike us who always fail to clean up hard-drive of our laptops, because the storage is so full, the brain is a very tidy and meticulous guy. It cleans up all the mess which is going on in your mind. Looking at modern generation of youngsters, I must say our heads are rather messy.

Did you know that you can never see a person you`ve never seen before in your dream? Basically, our brain is incapable of coming up with new faces, it cannot create images of new people. I don`t know about you, but I find it really fascinating.

If you have seen something terrifying, like a bloodbath in your dream, chances are that you have seen weird tomato sauce commercial the day before. Our brain can make unexpected connections between events, places, and things. Something that you would call a sign from above may turn out to be a common process of thoughts arrangement by the brain.

Let the Brain Take the Wheel

Racing Car

We`ve all heard about situations when people got the solution for a long-lived problem in their dreams while sleeping. One of the most famous cases is probably Mendeleev`s periodic table of the chemical elements. The rumor has it, the Russian chemist came up with the idea of elements` arrangement during his shut-eye time. It turned out to be a fraud though.

However, neurology says that it`s more than possible. It actually works, especially when it comes to artistic or scientific professions. Just imagine: you are a microbiologist who has been struggling to invent the medicine to fight some deadly disease with an apocalyptic potential for ten years at least. This vaccine is all you can think about; these thoughts have occupied your mind completely.

Meanwhile, your inexhaustible friend, we all call brain, is processing all the information, adding new data and compartmentalizing your thoughts and ideas. One night it may actually come up with the solution without you even knowing because you will be resting in your dreamland.

Yes, technically it will be your solution, because obviously this is your brain, duh. When you are sleeping, your thinking cap does not get distracted by minor things: digesting food, escaping danger, video games or that new dress in the shop window. Wow, it was a cute one, wasn`t it? So, the brain can dedicate all its powers and abilities to intellectual challenges.

Can You Just Listen to Me This Once?

Person with Headphones

This is what your brain might be screaming right into your ear, but you wouldn`t listen. Certain dreams may be indicators of problems with your physical or mental health. Horrible continuous nightmares can point out to your stress, depression or anxiety. What is more, nightmares may lead to sleep deprivation, which may lead to even more chilling cartoons while you are asleep. A vicious circle!

Pregnant women often see very vivid, bright, hallucination-ish dreams. So, if you have started walking through colorful fields of cotton candy and talking to friendly leprechauns while getting your regular ZZZs, congrats and go see an ob-gyn.

A study conducted by neuroscientists suggest that people with low blood sugar tend to have horrific lunatic nightmares more often. Are you experiencing the same? Again, make an appointment with a doctor. Better safe than sorry, right?

They say: listen to your heart. I say: listen to your brain. It can tell you much more interesting stories. There are people out there who don`t dream at all. Remember the moment when your dog was making hilarious leg moves while sleeping? Yeah, some pets can dream as well. Among all the processes which happen in our body, dreaming remains the most mysterious one. It is difficult to explore or analyze it.

Perhaps, we should stick to the mysterious vibe of our dreams and leave them as a riddle for future generations? Of course, not! Cut off the romantic rubbish. We should know it all about sleeping. Science rules!

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