Modern Problems of Nursing: The Most Spread Nurses’ Illnesses

Modern Problems of Nursing: The Most Spread Nurses’ Illnesses

Hospital Staff

Like many other professions, nursing may have some pitfalls and challenges which affect person’s health, both physical and mental. Statistics proves that medical workers are vulnerable to many diseases which appear as a result of their lifestyle and workload. Even such things as a schedule of shifts may influence their condition.

Unfortunately, many of nurses have to deal with chronic and grave illnesses after ending their professional career. Although these people work in the sphere of healthcare, they often cannot protect themselves, and sacrifice their health and well-being while helping others.

We have selected the most typical and widespread illnesses which nurses face. You can use these points as the material for writing your essay on this topic.

Emotional and Mental Disorders

First of all, it is essential to mention a number of unpleasant mental conditions caused by working as a nurse for a long time. Of course, it does not mean that every person in this field suffers from them. Nevertheless, statistics prove that there are many medical workers who face such problems.

They can be considered typical for the entire sphere, and it is essential to try to prevent them. Keep in mind that any disease, even if it is mental, is better to treat earlier than to fight it off later when it is more serious and dangerous. In such way it is possible to avoid many possible complications.

Chronic Stress

Person Is Stressed

Even if you say that this emotional condition is minor and typical for many people nowadays, things may be much more serious than you can imagine. Remember that chronic stress is the first sign that your mind and body do not cope with all the tasks and duties you have. Moreover, it often leads to significant complications.

Medical workers encounter stressful situations every day, but it does not mean that they do not suffer from these situations. It is truly hard to deal with such mental condition if a person is under pressure for a long time. In addition, many illnesses may become the results of stress. Immune and nervous systems are becoming weaker. So, even simple cold may become a real challenge for a person.

Aggression and Nervousness

There are no doubts that being constantly tired and exhausted after a working day makes you aggressive and nervous. Such person can be easily irritated by anything around. It leads to lots of conflicts and quarrels with others. It is essential to understand that bad mood takes place in everybody’s life, but it can be a step to become happy and reach your goals. Such emotions lower your concentration, and it becomes extremely hard to cope with your tasks and focus attention on things which are vitally important for medical workers.


It is true that nurses have to face many unpleasant and tragic issues every day. Dozens of sick patients, people’s deaths, and diseases are the reasons for an unstable emotional condition among the hospital staff. Some of them can cope with these situations and renew their mental health. However, in case a person does not work on eliminating such negative emotions, they will accumulate. It will be necessary to tackle some bad outcomes and even to deal with depression.

As many official statistics says, a lot of medical workers suffer from this mental disease for many years. It makes their life poor and unfortunate. Sometimes people even decide to end their career just because their depression becomes too grave. They have no desire to go to work, communicate with others and reach any life goals. It is disappointing when such things happen to young people who have just started their way in nursing.

Physical Problems

Person Has Headache

On the other hand, there are some physical problems which medical workers often suffer from. As a rule, they are caused by too heavy workload and unstable working schedule. These things may be much more harmful to human health than you think. Unfortunately, even people who work in a medical field do not pay attention to what they feel, and then they have to cope with many complications which grow into serious diseases.

  • The most common problem with health which medical workers encounter is sleep deprivation and insomnia. These things are very harmful, because a person cannot renew his or her energy and be active in the morning. As a rule, the major factor which causes them is night work. It breaks a normal regime human body is used to, and makes it harder to rest at nights.
  • Hormonal balance is also influenced by night shifts. As a rule, people who work at hospital do not pay much attention to their health. However, anxiety may influence normal functioning of many systems in their organisms. It terms of hormones, it may even lead to more serious problems, such as obesity and poor work of some organs.
  • Eating disorders are typical problems which nurses have. As a rule, they have a few breaks which are not enough to have a good meal. They prefer snacks which are often unhealthy. Sometimes even obesity and other metabolic diseases may occur. It has a very bad influence on the whole organism, as it does not receive necessary nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.
  • Cardiovascular disease may be caused by night shifts and heavy workload, the recent medical research states. It is the result of years of work with such a schedule. However, it is a real and very unpleasant prospect for nurses. The risk of stroke and heart attacks is increased because of it. Many people suffer from such serious issues even after quitting their work.

So, there are several important health problems which may occur as a result of overwork in the sphere of nursing. However, only a small part of medical workers pay attention to their well-being. The majority fully dedicate themselves to work at hospital.

The main reason for this is the lack of information about how to deal with the dangers and pitfalls of such profession. It is extremely important to know the challenges of nursing, especially if they are related to the human health.

We hope that you will use our prompts and examples to write your essay. In the next article, our team will present an example of a paper on safety at work, which is an essential issue for nurses.

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