Modern Problems of Nursing: Ethical Issues Which Nurses Face

Modern Problems of Nursing: Ethical Issues Which Nurses Face

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From our last post, you know that nurses often encounter certain work risks and challenges even if their job seems to be easy. Sometimes they even suffer from different illnesses as a result of their hard work. These difficulties may be really harmful to their health.

However, not only these points are controversial and make students think well before entering a medical school. Unfortunately, there are many ethical problems which occur almost every day. Nurses have to overcome them, as not only their own and their patients’ health depends on it.

This is a huge responsibility, and not everyone is ready to deal with typical nursing challenges. We present a number of the most important ethical issues and describe why they are so difficult to deal with. This is a good topic for your essay, so feel free to borrow some ideas.

Information for Patients

There are no doubts that the issue of information is one of the most controversial in the medicine. Nurses encounter it every day. They face a complicated choice. They never know if it is better to make a patient aware of their diagnosis or let them live their probably last days happily and enjoy the time.

Relatives may choose the second variant. However, medical workers perfectly understand that it may break human rights of a sick person, and it may even be considered as a crime if a nurse does not tell anything to a patient.

Sometimes medical staff witnesses how person’s health gets worse. So, it is essential for them to decide if it is better to reveal this information to such patient or not. A nurse has to face a hard choice: to break this recommendation and let relatives know or to break some moral rules. This is also a dilemma of privacy, guaranteed by the law, and some human and ethical feelings.

Patients’ Freedom

Nurses Working

The next dilemma which is spread in the medical sphere is surely patients’ freedom and strict control over nurses. Everyone understands that some illnesses should constantly be monitored, and it is essential to keep an eye on some patients.

However, it may also be considered as taking away someone’s privacy, which is inappropriate from moral and ethical points of view. On the other hand, a nurse cannot leave a patient who may need urgent help at any time. This is a hard choice, especially if a patient wants to stay alone for a while.

Sometimes this patient can make decisions which will badly affect his or her condition and health. Every person has a right not to stick to doctor’s advice and do everything on their own. However, nurses perfectly know that such behavior can lead to inappropriate outcomes and seriously damage person’s life.

Religious Dilemma

Nowadays, the society is a medley of people with different beliefs, interests, ethnicity and ideas. This is one of the most typical reasons for conflicts and quarrels. They occur everywhere, and religious concepts cause them as well.

Even at hospital, these cases may take place. Some patients have strong religious beliefs, and they cannot be ignored by the medical staff. It is essential to take these beliefs into account even if they seem to be silly for people who think differently.

It happens when people refuse from doing some procedures in order not to break the religious rules. Unfortunately, they sacrifice their health and life in such a way. There were many famous scientists who refused from operations because of their religion, and then they died as it was not possible to cope with serious diseases with the means of alternative medicine only.

Problems Connected with Kids

Sick Child

Some issues are connected with children, their rights, and parents who want to know the truth. Young people may not want to reveal their diagnoses, and they have a right to such kind of privacy even if their family demands this information.

A nurse faces a complicated choice. It is essential to decide if a young patient is able to make a good decision and care about their health, or if it is better to tell their parents about what is happening. It is important to understand that teenagers still cannot make the best choices when it comes to their health and life. As a rule, they find all problems minor and do not pay attention to them. Nevertheless, they may regret it later after suffering from several serious complications.

It is essential to conclude that in most cases, nurses have to target not on their personal beliefs and interests but take the patient’s needs into account. Sometimes medical workers should forget about moral and follow strict rules.

It is true that people always blame them in case some inaccuracies or errors take place. Some patients may find that nurses are not diligent while working and cannot help them. However, sometimes the main reason for failures and complications is a person’s decision and wrong choice.

Then, the only one who is guilty is this very patient, who has applied their rights in to make choices but only worsened their health conditions in such a way. After all, the performance of nurses should be highly respected and appreciated in the society, as these people encounter complicated decisions and dilemmas almost every day.

We hope that our article is useful for you and helps you understand this issue deeper now!

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