Modern Problems of Nursing: The Issue of Security of Workers

Modern Problems of Nursing: The Issue of Security of Workers

Nurses Helping Patients

It is true that nursing is not as safe and easy as many of us may think. Very often, people who work in this sphere face many challenges and risks. Only the most experienced and strongest of them can cope with these issues easily.

In the modern world, when many different infections are spread, being a hospital worker may be even dangerous for health although the majority of the staff try to protect themselves from the harmful impact. As we have already explained, working in the medical sphere for a long time may result in some chronic diseases and disorder. Nevertheless, it is essential to understand that there may be a certain risk at work at any moment. It is necessary to know at least the major reasons why nursing may be an unsafe profession.

We have selected these points in the post in order to make this issue clearer for you.

Toxic Products

Probably, one of the most significant dangers is toxic products, chemicals and other substances, harmful to human health. Nurses have to deal with them. They usually get tasks to utilize some of these chemicals.

It is essential to invent an effective way of protecting medical staff from the negative impact of such work. As this sphere is being constantly modernized, and more and more pills and substances are created, many of nurses may not know how to make their usage secure.

It is important to inform them on it and carry out several easy but useful ways of reducing the harm. Sometimes, it is not enough to wear a mask. It may just give an illusion of safety. First of all, products should be analyzed, and only after that the most efficient protection should be applied at hospitals. On the other hand, it is vital to monitor if all workers follow the rules of usage a certain substance.

Violence at Workplace

Visitors Arguing

As we have mentioned in one of our articles, the constant danger which exists in nursing is stress. A person who works in this sphere is very vulnerable to it. However, it may be caused not only by lots of tragic situations and the necessity to spend much time at hospital.

Sometimes irritating colleagues and patients cause stress and provoke dozens of conflicts, which negatively affect a medical worker. It is hardly possible to stay calm at the end of a working day, when an angry patient blames you for everything which happens to him or her though you are just an ordinary nurse who sees him or her for the first time.

When such negative emotions accumulate, even depression may appear. Nowadays, violence at workplace is the problem of many fields of human activity, and health care is not an exception. However, this sphere demands a specific approach, as relationships between people are very special here.

Thousands of Infections

Nowadays, one of the most discussed topics is infectious diseases and nursing. It is true that medical staff should help everyone without any exception, including people who suffer from quickly spread infections. Such illnesses are dangerous for everyone who contacts with these patients. So, many people who work at hospitals are at risk of getting a virus when caring about a sick person. Of course, nowadays government has already come up many good methods of protecting medical staff from such problems. For example, there are some obligatory procedures which include vaccinations against epidemic illnesses.

Safe Needles Procedures

Nurse Making Injection

It is also essential to provide absolutely safe needles procedures. This issue plays a significant role not only for patients but also for medical staff. The modern progress allows nurses to do different operations without any risk for their health even while contacting with blood of a person who has some dangerous diseases, which can be transmitted via this substance.

Nevertheless, some unexpected incidences can take place, which means that full security for nurses cannot be provided in this situation. Probably all members of hospital team are aware of the risks which unprotected contact with someone’s blood may bring. It is essential to continue working on this problem and present an adequate solution which guarantees full safety for nurses who carry out procedures with needles.

So, there are several important factors which indicate nurses’ work safety. Unfortunately, still a lot of measures should be taken to reach good results. The majority agree that medical workers face a high risk at hospital.

They do not simply suffer from stress or emotional disorders which seem to be minor problems for many people. Many of the nurses get serious and grave problems with health, which sometimes are tragic. It is significant to understand that even if these workers do not perform surgery on their own and just assist doctors, they still may encounter dozens of challenges at their workplace. That is why the government should make some effective steps in order to solve this problem.

  • Doing polls among nurses is extremely important, as it is essential to get information about the real and urgent issues which should be solved. Many medical workers have complaints and suggestions which can be really useful to create the right plan of improvements.
  • The next step should include some real measures which can help deal with problems, but not just reduce them. Do-nothingness is inappropriate in the sphere of medicine.
  • The last step is to provide an efficient system of control over the taken measures. It is essential to understand clearly if they are useful in practice. Then, it will be possible to make necessary corrections to this plan and work out a perfect tactic.

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