Modern Nursing Issues: Can Medical Workers Deal with Heavy Workload?

Modern Nursing Issues: Can Medical Workers Deal with Heavy Workload?

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As modern medicine faces thousands of issues, many people, involved in this sphere, complain that they have low salaries but have to cope with long working hours. It is not a myth that nurses have to work overtime. Sometimes they are not even paid for it.

Probably, the most significant thing which stops many teenagers from entering medical schools is a prospect to spend all their time on work and take no breaks while tackling complicated cases and helping patients.

Of course, not everyone would agree with it. It is the common stereotype that nurses have to forget about private life because of too heavy workload. It sounds very disappointing, especially if you wish to build some strong relationships and have a happy family. It is truly complicated if you spend all your time at hospital.

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Problems Caused by Too Long Working Hours

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It is true that many problems caused by such heavy workload on medical workers exist and make their life quality much worse. Unfortunately, it is difficult to deal with negative outcomes of this issue even for experienced nurses, as the majority of them have families and hobbies. They cannot pay enough attention to these aspects, as they are focused on their work. It is very disappointing to stay the hospital for much longer time than you expected. However, this feeling is not the worst thing in this case. There are more important and unpleasant things, and we present some examples of them below.

Poor Private Life

It is very difficult to find a soul mate and build a good private life if you do not pay attention to anything except your work. It is a typical problem of many medical workers, as they often sacrifice this aspect and stay lonely for a long time.

Of course, it is a pity, because the majority of people want to have a happy family and fulfill all their dreams related to it. However, only a few of us are ready to build relationships with a person who is always busy at work and does not pay any attention to his or her soul mate. The biggest part of teenagers will answer that they want to date with people who would give relationships the first place.

This is not real for medical staff. Hence, nurses often have to deal with loneliness and tackle dozens of conflicts with their nearest and dearest.

No Time for Hobbies

It is clear that all of us have hobbies and want to have fun. That is the way young people spend their free time. However, what should they do in case there are only a few hours per day to enjoy? It is a typical issue which medical workers face.

Of course, the majority have a hard choice to have some fun or work harder in order to get an increment or promotion. In most cases, people have to work overtime and sacrifice all their free time. They can only come to their home and fall asleep. Moreover, it is not a kind of a plum office job where you can play video games or watch movies if there are no urgent tasks. It is not possible to do while working in the sphere of healthcare. You should always be ready to stay longer at work and do not have any hobbies right there.

Impact of Night Shifts

Many medical workers work night shifts which surely do harm to their health. The human body is able to cope with tasks effectively only in a normal rhythm of life and work. We are more productive during the day than at night.

Nevertheless, many people continue to work night shifts. In most cases, nurses have no choice, as their main target is to help sick people and save them. Their support may be necessary at any period of a day. These workers have to be smart, productive and diligent even late at night, when someone’s life and health depend on them.

However, the majority of them do not pay attention to their own condition after night work. It is true, and many surveys prove this information, that working at night makes human bio rhymes worse and poorly affect health in general. A person may suffer from headaches, migraines, malaise and many other illnesses which can become serious chronic problems in the future without effective therapy and changes in the lifestyle.

Harm to Health

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There are no doubts that working overtime and having heavy workload do real harm to the human health. We certainly understand that if a person does not sleep for the whole night or spend all time at hospital, this results in stress and anxiety.

However, mental and emotional disorders are only a small part of the problem. It is essential to understand that being constantly tired and feeling pressure of workload lead to some serious physical problems which demand real therapy, and to some chronic diseases which cannot be fully cured. It is true that nursing may become the reason for many problems, but we will explain this issue in details in our next article.

Heavy workload is a big problem in the sphere of nursing, which we have faced for many years. Still, it is not reduced effectively. Definitely, it is impossible to cancel night shifts for medical staff at. In this case, many people may be in danger and encounter some grave troubles with health. Nurses have to work a lot, as many important things depend on the quality of their performance.

Nevertheless, there is a good way to cope with the negative impact of this issue. First of all, it is essential to develop a plan for tackling it. The main points are to balance the time for work and rest of medical workers and to give a high payment for working overtime. There should be a good motivation for nurses, as many of them have to deal with heavy workload during the whole career in the healthcare niche.

In the next article, we will explain the typical diseases which are caused by such profession.



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