Modern Problems of Nursing: The Issue of Financial Compensation

Modern Problems of Nursing: The Issue of Financial Compensation

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Undoubtedly, every healthcare system depends on the quality of nursing. It is impossible to provide good service for patients in case staff in hospital fulfills their duties ineffectively. If any unexpected problem or mistake in the work process occurs, as a rule these people are blamed. However, people who are not specialists in medicine rarely understand and take into account the challenges which an ordinary medical worker faces.

Tons of such issues exist, and they sometimes have a global character, which means that these problems are widespread in the whole world, and dozens of countries have to fight against them. In most cases, things which seem to be minor poorly affect the system of health care and make the process of the medical development much slower.

One of them is the issue of finances, which is becoming more and more important in nursing. Below we present a number of facts which prove its significance and provide several quick ways of solving this problem. Check on the aspects of this issue if you need to write an essay on a similar topic.

Expensive Study

Nursing School

First of all, it is essential to explain that studying at a medical school is quite costly. Sure, the price for one year of attending such establishment may vary. It mostly depends on the level of school, its age, prestige, and, of course, the quality of teaching.

So, some respectable universities where only the best professors work have extravagant prices. Not every student who has a desire to connect his or her life with medicine has a financial possibility to pay for the studies at such colleges. Some of them have to take credits for this purpose.

As a result, several years after getting their first job, these young people have to give back the money taken for studying. Moreover, even ordinary medical schools have higher prices than any other establishments which are connected with other spheres. For example, getting a law degree is really cheaper.

In addition, in the case of nursing, young people have to spend more years in order to get necessary skills and knowledge and prepare themselves for real tasks at hospital. They cannot have a full-time job during this period and should spend a lot of money in order to provide at least the simplest comfort for their life while studying.

Regional Differences

This point causes dissatisfaction with the payment among many nursing workers. Sometimes even strikes and manifestations arise because of it. However, it is truly hard to solve this problem as the dissimilarity in salaries nurses get in different places has always existed.

For example, different regions of the US can have completely unequal payments in the healthcare sphere. Administrative centers usually provide higher payments. As a rule, this difference is based on the cost of living. However, there is also a tendency which leads to slow increase of salaries around the US, not only in its central part.

Is it possible to eliminate this difference? Probably the character of this strategy is global, and it is essential to take into account all specialties of a certain district.

Difference Between Genders

Female Nurses

It is true that there is a huge gap in payment between genders. There are no doubts that it breaks the general statements about the human rights and equality. It may be considered a kind of discrimination. Male nurses in most cases earn 5000 dollars more than their female colleagues even while doing the similar kind of job and having equal workload.

Sure, it also depends on the particular medicine niche. For example, according to statistics, the official wages for men in cardiology sphere is much higher than that for women. They make about 6000-7000 dollars. Fortunately, in some medical fields, the payment is almost equal. So, it is essential to reach the same results in other niches, where the gap may be extremely higher.

Rare Increment

There are no doubts that medical workers rarely receive increments. As a rule, their salaries are stable for years or may be a little increased. However, the life conditions and prices on the marker are constantly changing. Nurses may face some financial problems because their wages become too low for the modern world with its expensiveness.

According to official statistics, many of hospital workers are dissatisfied with their salary and find that it should be increased. These are not just an average desire to become richer. In most cases, medical employees do not receive a payment which can compensate all their efforts spent on work, which often include overtime.

It is obviously impossible to cope with the financial issues of nursing quickly, without putting a lot of efforts into it. A great strategy for providing this process is needed. How to complete it and prevent tons of mistakes?

  • First of all, it is important to indicate the main reasons for this problem. You should indicate them and understand the way how these issues may be prevented. It is always better to solve problems than cope with them later.
  • The next stage of your work is to present several effective solutions. They should be based on research and official statistics in order to be really productive. However, even if you take all these things into account, there is a small guarantee for success.
  • That is why you should be attentive even at the final stages of this process. It is essential to monitor everything and try to improve the ready-made plan as much as possible.

We hope that you will use the points provided in this post while working on your paper about issues in nursing. In the next article, we are going to explain the most significant aspects of the problem of high workload.


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