Procrastination: I`ll Get Back to Studying in Ten Minutes

Procrastination: I`ll Get Back to Studying in Ten Minutes


Oh, there is a bird on the tree. I wonder how came that they never fail to find their way back home after flying away for winter? Have they ever seen snow? Do penguins’ feet get cold after standing all day long on ice? Which icy cocktail should I get now? Does the word “cocktail” really comes from “a tale of a cock”? I should definitely Google it.

One more time, what I was doing? Right! I was writing an article for you. Guess what? It`s about procrastination. It`s the condition when your brain is willing to think about anything, but something useful and necessary and something that will save your derriere from being expelled from college. It`s about something we do all the time and never admit. It`s the time we fall out from reality just to goof around – procrastination.

Multi-functional Processor

Have you ever been silently judging yourself for being distracted way too much during serious and responsible job? Or even maybe not silently? Have you ever scolded yourself out loud in front of a mirror saying that you are a lazy sloth who literally cannot concentrate on one task for more than two minutes? What, just me? All right, then. Anyway, it happens even to the best of us, no need to be embarrassed about it. We all procrastinate from time to time. You know whom to blame for it? Your dear brain.

You would think that your brain and you work as a team, as one, that you have each other`s back. But no such luck. Our brain is a very complex mechanism. It has intellectual capacities of hundreds and hundreds of iPhones. Our mind is no stranger to conducting a couple of tasks at a time equally effectively, but… Are you waiting for “BUT”? Let`s move to another passage.

Here we go with “BUT”. The ability to do a few things at a time depends on your gender. There was a pretty interesting experiment conducted by scientists to find out which sex is better at multitasking. In order to test this, behaviorists asked every person to work as a secretary for ten minutes.

During that time, the examinee had to answer the phone, print a bunch of papers, invite a visitor, write down a message for a boss, water a flower and make a cup of coffee. All of this they had to do approximately at the same time. Wow, what a challenge!

Turned out that women are much better at multitasking. Like much, much better! Men could barely cope with the tasks doing them one by one while women could do practically everything simultaneously. These special skills come back to cavemen era when women had to look after kids, gather plants, cook dinner and protect the weak members of the tribe all at the same time. No, women are not magicians, it`s just the work of genetics.

So, basically, women`s brain has an inner capacity to do more at once, so women procrastinate because they are able to think about cute pandas and prepare a serious presentation at the same time. There is no crime in it. Just try not to include pictures of pandas to your presentation by mistake. You know, like in a situation when your teacher tells you to write down something, but there is this really cool tune playing in your head and you end up writing down lyrics? What, again just me? Whatever. Moving on.

Pump It, Mr. Adrenaline!

Adrenaline Meme

You have figured it all out. You need to hand in a paper on the greenhouse effect in a week next Monday. Therefore, no need to rush, you only have to write around 700 words a day and you`ll be fine. It`s Sunday night and you`ve done nothing in a week. So, now you are screwed. You have to write a huge article in one night.

You know why you did this? Why did you wait until the very last moment? Again, you are not a sluggard, not at all! You are a reckless adrenaline-junkie. Turns out, our brain works much better under pressure. Who`d say, right? We make decisions faster, find right answers and work in a much more productive way. It`s all because of adrenaline.

In case your lifestyle is far from any of Quentin Tarantino movies, your body is probably missing out on some danger juice which is rushing through your veins. So, procrastination may sound like a good idea in order to get the dose of adrenaline. You may not realize that and you don`t have to. Your subconscious will do everything for you.

Picasso on the Loose


People who have creative inclination tend to be more forgetful, inattentive and irrational. Of course, they procrastinate a lot. Their mind full of colorful imaginative pictures cannot just keep the track of its thoughts. Their brain is messy but also artistic and probably genial.

So, next time your mom asks you why you are not done with your home assignment yet, you may just say that the flow of your creative ideas cannot let you do some lame paperwork. Let`s see what your mom`s response will be to that statement. I can even hear your mom calling you a cabbage head right now.

Neurologists say that the brain of creative person works in a different direction. The patterns of thinking might be slightly different from those of people with an average brain. All right, average does sound a bit rude. People with a normal brain? Missed again? Let`s just stick to the idea that the brain of creative people is different, ok? Nailed it.

I`ll get one more sandwich and then will get back to revising. And one more. Wow, a new episode of “Orange is the new black” is out and I can`t miss it! Mom, did you bring home a cake? Ok, what did Taylor post on Instagram? Just stop procrastinating and go studying, you cabbage head!

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