Relationships in College: Compartmentalization

Relationships in College: Compartmentalization

According to a study, young people experience their first serious relationship being 18 and 21 years old, and it is the same time they go through the first soul-destroying break-up. You may say, “Wait, so that time when a boy got me a fluffy teddy bear in the 6th grade cannot be considered a serious relationship? But it had a pink bow on it!” Well, no, that doesn`t really count.

Psychology cannot define what serious relationship between partners may actually mean. For example, I was married when I was at the kindergarten at the age of five. Turned out, my at-that-time husband had four other wives. Some people in their thirties are raising kids together and yet do not find themselves to be in a serious relationship.

We will definitely not go that far in this article. I am going to tell you about certain types of relationships (mostly not serious) you will probably go through during your college years. Based on a solid opinion poll results and my observation. Freshmen will get a chance to be prepared and seniors are free to drown in nostalgic tears.

Hashtag: Friend Zone

Friend Zone Sign

This tricky combination of people and their feelings usually happens during the first year in college. It is equally applicable for boys and girls. Most freshmen are way too stressed out right after entering college that they rarely think about any kind of relationships. All they can think about is their beloved dear grades. They feel so away from home and mostly look like sad puppies you want to hug, feed and take home so the poor thing stops radiating awkwardness.

I may generalize this gang a bit but it is true in most cases. So, in order to survive in the complex and slightly terrifying college world, they start gathering into groups. These groups include both boys and girls. At the beginning, these species of students are totally cool about hanging out in a mixed group.

However, when they adopt to the environment of university, unexpected stuff happens. This group of new friends practically becomes their family, because they are far from home and their own squad in a native city. The freshmen usually feel strong connection or bond or dependency (call it whatever you like). So, some people may end up having a massive crush on other people.

That situation is mostly so messed up that it ends up being even more stressful than the first mid-term exams. It`s only when you are in Hogwarts you can sneak into a magic laboratory and get the love potion. It does not work that way in real universities. What, Hogwarts is not a real university? No way! All right, whatever. So the friend zone it is. For the next couple of years. At least, that is how it often happens.

Hello, It`s Me…

Phone Call

Wow, what a song! Adele was absolutely nailing it, don`t you think? That line: “Hello, can you hear me?” I can`t even. A masterpiece. Oh, right. Back to the point! Long-distance relationships are the first obstacle on the youngsters` way to adulthood. When they had a significant other far away and had to move all across the country to a completely strange place, there are always two ways: to call it quits or pulling off a long-distance relationship.

What does psychology have to say about this type of interaction between people? Nothing promising, to be honest. There is a teeny-tiny chance that long-distance will work out. I am not trying to discourage you, it`s just a simple friendly warning. Heartbreaks are among the most common reasons students fail at their exams.

We are not saying that studying is more important than love. If there is anything? Just ask yourself a question: “Will I be able to find a girl/a guy like that? Will I be able to find a university like that?” Based on your answers, you will have it all figured out.

A Little Party Never Killed Nobody

College Party

Except for your self-esteem and lust for life. You may not be a “let`s-rock-this-place” party-goer, but it`s conventional to visit at least a couple most important gatherings during your college years. Social studies suggest that a considerable number of students experience a party hook-up at some point of their lives.

It`s something we don`t usually talk about, but if you are a first-year student and you are reading this, a couple of head-ups wouldn`t hurt. It happens even to the best of us. Even to those who can drink three barrels of beer and still be able to rap some of the Eminem`s hardest lyrics.

You better make sure you have a drunk hook-up with somebody at the party during your last years of study. You know why? Because every bloody time you meet that person in a hallway or somewhere near the university, it`s just going to be an awkward passing-by. All the years until the death do you two crazy kids part.

You know, I just realized, what if some mom is reading this article right now? She is like: “No, you are not going to Harvard! I don`t care it`s one of the best universities in the world! It says here that those college parties are going to be crazy”. Sorry about that.

This is just the first part of what you might experience during college years. Or you might not. It can be totally different. But these are the types of relationship you are most likely to have based on students` opinions from all over the world and my personal observation while studying at the university. The more is yet to come.

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