What is More Nerve-Wrecking: Relationships or Exams?

What is More Nerve-Wrecking: Relationships or Exams?


Let me be Moriarty here for a second. “Did you miss me?” Between part 1 and 2 of this article, you might have already experienced certain types of relationships we have named before. Here you go with the following list.

It may help you to figure out what will be going on during your next years at university or it may make things even more complicated. So, what`s the point then? You have got to know that the situations we are going to talk about are absolutely common. It`s not that our purpose is to make you feel average but to make you feel not alone with your struggles.

More Classes, Please


A lot of students in their first years of study have certain kinds of crushes on their professors. What is more, there is a whole classification of those feelings. Psychologists suggest that in most cases those feelings are simply delusional. Their roots are stress.

You change your surroundings completely at the moment you cross the threshold of a college. By the way, it is a good chance to create some kind of new image of yourself. You know, there are usually approximately five types of people in a group of friends. A good-looking one, a dangerous one, a hilarious one, a sulky one and, well, you. You can choose to be whoever you want to be because nobody knows who you really are.

I really got carried away with this thought. What I mean is that all of this studying, cooperation with other people, major changes in life are incredibly stressful. You are looking for calm and peace, but your crazy, hopped up peers cannot give it to you. Then you see a sophisticated harbor in this stormy ocean of new emotions and impressions. This is your dear teacher.

Sociological research shows that more than a half students have experienced some sort of professor crush in their lives. It happens mostly because they feel the power of that person. It seems to young people that adults have everything figured out, their lives are strictly on point and they always know what to do. Youngsters who feel mostly as a hot mess find it really fascinating.

Though the actual reason it happens is truly disturbing. A student who has been living with parents through all their life, who was fully dependent on them, suddenly appears to be face-to-face with their own decisions. That is why they are looking for a substitute for a parent and they find it in a professor.

You have no idea how easy it is for a teacher to trigger romantic feelings of a student towards him or her. It is literally enough to say that you have done a good job with that paper and the roller coaster of emotions starts immediately. The first step is to acknowledge your professor crush and “Let it go-o-o, let it go-o-o, can’t hold it back anymore”. Wow, it`s been years and this song is still stuck in my head. I bet it started playing in your head right now. Oops, sorry.

Which Way Do I Swing?

High school years is the time when people start questioning their sexuality. In college, they are trying to put a label on it. Behaviorists explain that it is only natural for young people in their twenties to explore new things, including new turning points in romantic life.

Turns out, around 95% of heterosexual people have questioned their sexuality at least once in their lifetime. It often happens in college when you are surrounded by people who are as curious and adventurous as you are.

Some adults who are even having kids with their heterosexual spouses have admitted having the same-sex partner during their student years. Their explanation is mostly: “I just wanted to try the new stuff”. Thank goodness, we are living in the 21st century and you will not surprise anybody when you have a gay significant other. People probably just won`t care. (However, it largely depends on traditions in your country. It may look rather gray when rainbows are not allowed in it, don`t you think?)

A Love Story with No Happy-Ending

Happy End

Your academic paper or a research paper. What a passion! What a commitment! You haven`t noticed it yet, but all this time you`ve been in a dead serious long-term relationship. You cannot simply call it quits, you cannot walk away from it because all that tuition money will go to waste.

You spend so many sleepless exhausting nights with your paper you need to submit at the end of the term. You even eat with it! What if you lose it? What if only one Microsoft Word malfunction will make you part? It will be a true feeling of despair, emptiness and heartbreak agony.

Stick to your academic paper, don`t let the third person come between you and that glorious icon saved on your computer. This is a love story Taylor Swift would definitely write a song about.

Alright, alright, the last type of relationship isn`t real. Or was it? Just think about it. You dedicate so much time to your research paper, you sacrifice the precious time with your friends and you expect this relationship to end well for both of you. Yes, romance may be off the table in this situation, but the marriage of convenience works as well in the modern world.


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