University Degree: To Be or Not to Be a Pro

University Degree: To Be or Not to Be a Pro

Do you know that running gag from “The Big Bang Theory”? No, not the one that everything was created with a huge blast of hot dense material. Or if you believe in all-mighty power, it`s okay as well. Hello, Bible! I`m talking about constant sarcastic mocking of Howard by Sheldon.

What? What do you mean you have no idea what I`m talking about? It`s a cultural phenomenon by the way! All right, I will give you the gist so you will not fall out from the conversation we have. All characters in this TV-show are the doctors. Not the “you-have-flu-go-home” kind, but the science guys. The only one of them has “just” a master`s degree in engineering unlike all the people there with the fancy doctorates.

Please, someone, give me a master`s degree in engineering. I will not complain it is “just” this degree. Speaking of, does your university degree really matter? Will it help you in real life? Will it help you to build a career you`ve always dreamt of? All right, until you started questioning all your crucial decision with a look of perplexity all over the pretty face of yours, let`s find some answers.

Rich and Famous? Argh, I Don`t Think So

Red Carpet

You can look through endless magazine pages and see rich and famous people who haven`t even graduated from the high school. However, their lifestyle may look like entire prom, we are going to remove that bright rose-colored glasses from your snub nose (or whichever one you have, just remember that every nose on this planet is beautiful).

Let`s look through some social studies which were conducted in Los Angeles – aka “The Dream Factory”. You have no idea how many people are eager to find their stardom. For some reason, they think you don`t really need the education to become an actress, director, screenwriter or a singer.

However, unfortunately for all of those happiness-diggers, studies show that approximately one person from the whole million will become successful. One in a million! Unbelievable! Others (we will not call them losers) just will not thank their lucky star. So, let me guess, now you are running like a madman to prepare for your finals? Hold your horses, because we`ve got a little bit more facts for you.

Quentin Tarantino, for example, never finished high school and look, where is he now! Mark Zuckerberg dropped out from university and finally got his degree 12 years later. He was just way too carried away with the idea of starting Facebook and we are thankful to him for that (especially for all cute cat memes we find on Facebook and send our friends in the middle of the night being completely wasted).

First and foremost, Mark Zuckerberg left The Harvard. THE Harvard. Secondly, he is a computer genius. See the pattern here? Become a genius and then you may drop out of any college you want.

We Learn How to … Study

Stressed-Out Student

This is true. At university, we learn how to do routine (and sometimes pointless, let`s admit), work in time and according to a certain plan. You think you are never going to use those skills in a real job? Laughing out loud. I seriously wanted to add some sarcastic emoji here. No? All right, we will deal with it in an old-fashioned way with words.

Your first couple of jobs probably will not be a dreamland. It`s highly unlikely that person with zero experience in the certain field will be hired to hold an office of high importance. Unless you are one of Donald Trump relatives, of course. You will have to follow instructions of your boss if you want to go shopping with a smug smile all over your face spending the money you`ve earned.

Studying at the university helps us to realize that we are not always going to do what we want. Even if you`ve always dreamt about certain occupation and you enter the college to become a pro, it`s not going to be all rainbows and unicorns there. There will be moments when you will realize that you`ve probably made a mistake choosing this profession. There will be times when you will question the sanity of your teachers because their subject is remotely relatable and applicable to your future career.

It is absolutely normal and everybody feels that way. Psychologists suggest that people with higher education tend to have higher self-esteem even if they work at the totally different field. It`s not like they feel superiority, not at all (however, please don`t blame me if you meet any self-centered arrogant college-graduates on your path).

They feel empowered because they passed that absolutely hellish test, they did not fail to meet the deadline of 8000-word paper, and they were not turned into stone by the prolonged gaze of Mrs. Smith at electrodynamics exam. After all of these labors of Hercules, making coffee for your boss does not sound like a bad idea, does it?

You Scratch My Back and I`ll Scratch Yours

Monkey Scratching Back

Meeting new people, making acquaintances which are going to be useful in your further career, a chance to shine like a diamond in the eyes of your future employers to name a few. This all is what a university degree can give you besides huge bags under your eyes, nervous tic and a few dozens of early gray hairs.

It is not rare that professors give recommendations for big bucks firms to hire the most successful graduates. You can ask your classmates for advice, attendance or help in the professional field. What is more, you can make friends for life, because only God knows through what hell you`ve been together preparing for that exam.

I must admit, there are certain professions which do not require any academic education at all. Yes, you can become rich and famous working as an artist, a model or a farmer. However, in order to accomplish success in those fields, you still need to study and never stop throughout your whole life.

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