What Exactly You Can Order with Our Online Writing Company

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What would you expect from a popular, approved and therefore reliable paper writing service? What characteristics should it have to meet most of your (or your school/college) requirements? Obviously, it should feature convenience, functionality and flexibility, which could prove you that you will have your order done perfectly regardless of the conditions you set, and the guidelines you give.

Experienced online writing companies which have worked with thousands of customers and faced different challenges usually offer a very wide range of services. This indicates that a company has an opportunity to engage many professional writers and divide the responsibility for competing different types of orders between them. Besides, this allows to make sure that the company serves different customers and hence provides a large array of options.

So, we are going to consider this issue in more detail in order to help you determine what a really good and custom-friendly online writing service should offer.

Academic Texts

It is true that academic papers prove to be the most frequent orders. Certainly, you know very well how many types of these papers exist and how strictly they are assessed by teachers and professors. This is why you have all the reasons to expect that your order for an essay in history or a case study in biology will be accepted and completed flawlessly.

Now can you see what a professional and respectable writing service must provide you with?

  • Firstly, there must be a wide choice of disciplines. You write essays not only for your English language classes. Your term paper can concern the issues of organic chemistry or the features of medieval European literature.
  • Secondly, there must be a complete selection of all possible academic papers, starting from a descriptive essay and finishing with a bibliography (including a thesis and dissertation in this list). Our experience shows that a lot of orders are related to essay and review writing, presentations plus speeches, as well as bigger assignments like case studies and term papers.
  • Thirdly, the order form must contain a special field where you can mention the full topic of your paper. Besides, there can and must another field for your instructions or comments on your order.

Business Writing

To put it simply, business writing implies composing cover letters, admission essays, resumes, and the like. It requires more formal style and usually more detailed instructions concerning, for example, the customer’s personal data, the name of the organization to which the paper must be sent and the requirements it sets for applicants.

One significant remark about this type of writing regards the following: very often the customer can be asked to provide their writers with the draft of the paper they order. It is desirable that this draft contains the brief information on the customer’s education or work experience, depending on what exactly is ordered.

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Writing Outside the Box

This is the so-called creative writing. Once you may need a short story or some nice poem written by a person who knows how to approach texts of such kind. Actually, even any home assignment which is not connected with academic writing and takes creativity or thinking outside the box can refer to this type. For example, you may need to come up with an interesting quiz for your next history class. What you should do is to choose the category Creative Writing or Other and render clear instructions on what exactly you need and, probably, how you see the finished text. Also, you can consult the support team and discuss your creative task with them.

Rewriting Option

In most cases, this option implies that a customer has a draft of some text (let it be an essay or a research paper) and they need to have it rewritten so, that about 70% of the original text is changed. That is to say, that an assigned writer can alter the biggest part of the draft, basing on or following its main idea.

Paper Editing and/or Proofreading Options

These options have differences, so make sure you are aware of them. Both of them imply that a customer has a text that needs editing or proofreading respectively. However, you should remember that if you want your paper to be edited, an editor can change and correct only 30% of the content. Usually, the most significant corrections can concern the information provided in the text, as well as grammar or style.

In terms of proofreading, an editor corrects only spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes. Proofreading does not imply the so called “informative intervention”, so any part of the content cannot be changed.