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Create the Requirements Traceability Matrix for your selected project

Create the Requirements Traceability Matrix for your selected project.

Part A. Create the Requirements Traceability Matrix for your selected project:

The requirements traceability matrix is an extremely important tool for the project. Requirements define customer expectations and the traceability matrix allows the team to follow each requirement through the Project Mgmt. Life Cycle (PMLC). The team elicits requirements from the customer and then moves the requirement through design, development, testing and implementation. This tool helps the team to audit the project as well during the PMLC, and take a litmus test, “Are we delivering what the customer has requested?”, thereby avoiding costly rework and unwanted change requests. Additionally, the traceability matrix assists the team in analyzing the impact of changes to requirements during the project.

You want to provide the appropriate level of detail while maintaining a reasonable number of requirements since you will base your planning and scheduling on these requirements.  While there is no minimum or maximum number of requirements, the expectation is that most students will have somewhere between 3-7 high level requirements which will then be used as the basis for the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS).

At a minimum, you should identify several high level requirements, functions, and features.

You can approach requirements in one of two ways:

  1. Using a Simple Sentence format that outlines the high-level parent requirements and then breaks these down into multiple user requirements, which then flow into system requirements.
  2. Creating User Stories.  In this format, you will have high-level requirements known as Epics and in each Epic you will have multiple User Stories that follow the formatted language: “As a ROLE, I need a FUNCTION, so that I can, BUSINESS VALUE”

Prepare your requirements documentation and upload it using the link below. You may use any format you would like including: (Word document, Excel worksheet, Visio diagram, drawing tool).

Remember, your requirements should represent ALL of the deliverables in your project.

Part B. Create the WBS for your selected project:

The WBS is an important planning tool because it assists the project team in breaking down large, complex buckets of work into smaller, more manageable activities and tasks. In turn, it helps to produce more accurate estimations of duration and work effort and makes it easier for the project manager to measure the progress of the project.

Using the handout posted in the Additional Resources section of this unit, create a WBS for your selected project.  At a minimum, you should identify Summary tasks, Detail tasks, and Milestones. You should also include project mgmt. deliverables and tasks.

You want to provide the appropriate level of detail while maintaining a reasonable number of tasks since you will be expanding on the same project schedule. While there is no minimum or maximum number of tasks, the expectation is that most students will have somewhere between 50 – 100 tasks in their WBS which will then be imported into Microsoft Project next week.

Your WBS should be presented in an Excel format only.

C. Risk & Quality Assessment:

The Risk Report is a project document that is vital to project integration and quality efforts. It is an input to the Direct and Manage Project Work, Monitor and Control Project Work, Perform Integrated Change Control, Close Project or Phase, Manage Quality and Manage Communications processes. It is an output of the Identify Risks process.

The Risk Report presents information on sources of overall project risk, together with summary information on identified individual project risks. The risk report is developed progressively throughout the project.

For this assignment, write an initial planning assessment of your project as it pertains to risk and quality. What are the sources of overall project risk and critical points of quality delivery? Which are most important across the spectrum of stakeholders? What are the actions (reflected in the WBS) that will be taken to ensure risk is managed and quality expectations are met?

Please determine the format to be used. The reader should come away with the sense that potential areas of concern for your project have been considered and taken into account when determining the scope and schedule of the project. Your artifact(s) may include tabular and / or narrative information. Possible supporting representations and perspectives might include: Risk Breakdown Structure, Risk Register, Quality Metrics List, Stakeholder Register / Power Grid.

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Create the Requirements Traceability Matrix for your selected project

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